What are BUFVC and TRILT?

Throughout this site, several references are made to BUFVC and TRILT.  BUFVC is the British Universities Film and Video Council.  The Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT) is one of the services provided by the BUFVC.  BUFVC can provide recordings of programmes for educational use.  They have archived copies of all material on the terrestrial channels since the beginning of 1998 and some satellite broadcasts.  Recorded programmes are given a TRILT identifier code. TRILT also offers a weekly e-mail alert telling you what programmes matching your key words are being transmitted in the next fortnight.  Unfortunately BUFVC services are only open to member institutions.  There is an annual fee for membership – most Universities in the UK are members, most Schools are not (although I thoroughly believe they’d get value for money if they were).  For more information, see a short article “Never again shout, “that WOULD have been useful for my teaching!” at the TV” I wrote for the Bioscience Education E-journal.

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