What’s BioethicsBytes all about?

Bioethics is a discipline of increasing importance. As such, it is now a component of many Biology courses at Higher Education, but also features in the specifications for both A levels and now GCSE Science courses at Secondary School (these are examinations taken in the UK at 18 and 16, respectively). This site hosts a collection of resources to assist in the teaching of bioethics, with particular emphasis on multimedia materials (film, TV, streamed media) as case studies. We hope you will find it a helpful repository. If you have additional materials that you’ve found useful and are willing to share via this medium, then please feel free to send a comment. You may also be interested in our audit of GCSE and A level curriculum content.

BioethicsBytes is a project established and maintained by Chris Willmott at the University of Leicester, UK and has received funding from the Higher Education Academy, in the form of a National Teaching Fellowship, and from HEFCE, via the GENIE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. In addition to Chris, the BioethicsBytes team has at various times included Eilis Byrne, Bonnie Green and David Willis.  All materials on the BioethicsBytes site are (c) the authors, 2006-2009, unless otherwise stated.  You are, of course, very welcome to make use of the resources, as long as they are cited appropriately. Guest posts are welcomed, please send suggestions to cjrw2 AT le.ac.uk

5 Responses to What’s BioethicsBytes all about?

  1. mjrowse says:

    Would like to use resourses to facillitate teaching AS RS

  2. You are very welcome to use the resources in any aspect of teaching about the ethical developments in contempoary biology – we hope you find them useful

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Perhaps we could get together – i note we are now duplicating material on http://www.beep,ac.uk aand here such as the news bytes though your audience is HE and ours secondary schools?

  4. Rickster says:

    We are a commercial company but we are thinking of setting up a trainee program for interns. Are we ok to use your resources for this?

  5. […] written for bioscience students(!) but it’s ideas are adaptable to Physical Geography. Also, https://bioethicsbytes.wordpress.com/about/ a site which hosts a collection of resources to assist in the teaching of bioethics and for […]

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