Bioethics in the news

Sharp-eyed users will have noticed the recent addition of a “Bioethics in the news” section in the side-bar.

BioethicsBytes logo

This is a feed through from a tag (click on the title of the box to see the full listing). Because this is generated by members of the BioethicsBytes team rather than as an automated process, postings may occasionally refer to slightly older news stories if we’ve been looking back in the archives and found something worth tagging. Generally, however, the displayed links will relate to the latest news – we hope you find it useful.

4 Responses to Bioethics in the news

  1. ajcann says:

    How do we subscribe to the BioethicsBytes feed?

  2. Thanks Alan

    I think you are pointing out that anyone who has signed up to receive RSS feeds from the BioethicsBytes site will not automatically get notification of the updated news feeds. For anyone wanting to receive these directly, the feed link WAS (but see update in comment below)

  3. There appears to have been a general problem with feeds from to WordPress in the last 24 hours – I hope that our friends at WordPress will have this resolved shortly.

  4. It appears that have changed the format of their feeds. The feed link for “bioethics in the news” is now

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