Euthanasia – Holby City

(Warning, contains plot spoilers!) Moondance (17th October 2006, BBC1, TRILT code 005CBA8B) focuses almost entirely on the culmination of the euthanasia storyline developed in previous episodes (eg. If the heart lies) and sees Gina Hope take her struggle with motor neurone disease to its unnatural end at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland.  Much of the dialogue could be used to raise some of the issues.  The majority is clearly delivered from a pro-euthanasia perspective, including 10.04-11.25, 12:55-14:45, and 17:32-22:12 (especially to 19:50).  When Gina’s husband Elliott catches up with her, their conversation at the cafe, starting at 38:11, offers the most balanced introduction to the issues.  The closure of the episode is very moving and caution is required before showing this to school-age students.  At the time of writing there is an ‘episode catch-up’ on the BBC website which conveys some of the emotion, although it omits

On a different theme, a conversation between disgraced manager Bradley Hume and research registrar Reg Lund (27:40 to 30:00) gives different perspectives on the current state, values and future of the NHS  – might be an interesting clip to use with medical students to introduce issues of clinical governance and management (although the recent Open University series Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS? offers far more depth on the issue).

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