Euthanasia – Million Dollar Baby

(Warning: contains plot spoilers!)  I was really caught out by this film when I first saw it, so I hope I’m not ruining it for you with this entry.  Maggie, the female boxer played by Hilary Swank, suffers a serious accident and ends up in hospital.  She tries to persuade her coach Frankie (Clint Eastwood) to kill her and end her suffering.  To feel the full impact you really need to watch the whole, but that’s not really feasible in a teaching setting both because of the length of the movie and the violent content.  Try watching just the section where Maggie asks her coach to end her life.  This is about 1hr 45 into the film; a 3 minute clip could from that point be used as a discussion starter.  There is one verbal cross-reference in this section to “do[ing] what my daddy did for Axl” (her father put down the family dog, mentioned 1 min 14 into film) but this section still stand alone reasonably well.  Other potentially useful clips come with Frankie’s visit to his priest to discuss the situation and then a 2 minute clip starting at 1:58 where he administers a large dose of adrenalin to end Maggie’s life. 

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